The world has enough critics….

“I am thanking to those who said no. It’s because of them I am doing it myself” – Albert Einstein

What an ironic statement!

When we hear success stories of people, we also find that hurt, anguish, discouragement from others, betrayal, ignoring etc., made them successful. They say people didn’t help me. They didn’t let me grow. I was insulted, and so on. This has made them strong and hence they have taken a resolution to succeed. Anyway, I am happy for those who have succeeded in life.

If insult and critics have so much power to make a person successful, what about positive energy?  There are also stories of people who have succeeded in life because of well-wishers’ positive vibes and their own efforts. Let us also focus on that. Spread goodness, positive vibes, and encouragement. We have enough critics already. Be a motivator! Kindness will never be wasted.

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