My wish list

To be so strong that the world does not hit me hard

To spread positive vibes wherever I am

To diffuse the beauty of smile and lend a helping hand

To look at the positive side of everything and give wings to my optimism

To be like the swan that filters only the milk out of the water,

Yet not being gullible enough to be deceived

To expect only the best while not being discouraged by the worst

To wait for my time patiently while others are successful

To forgive my mistakes of the past and work for the best that is yet to come

To have a cheerful countenance always and to wear my typical smile

To try becoming the better version of myself that I don’t have time to judge others

To strive towards excellence and not bogged down by failures

To be too magnanimous for jealousy, too noble for hatred, and too confident for fears

To have the courage to show my goodness to the whole world

Not only in words but also in deeds

To have the confidence that the world will not leave me

As long I do my best and stay true to myself.



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