Those which didn’t change really matter

Life has been a roller-coaster ride

Where I have seen both ups and downs

Pain, anxiety, and depression hit me hard,

People who seemed to be meant for me changed.


But these changes happened for a reason,

Making me learn a lesson or two

I grew stronger with the passage of time

Making me become the best friend of myself


And now to what didn’t really change:

My sleep pattern didn’t change

My cheerful countenance didn’t change

Old friends’ love towards me didn’t change


My learning interest didn’t change

My family’s love didn’t change

My philosophy towards life didn’t change

My trust in the Supreme Power didn’t change


And yes, isn’t these which didn’t change really matter?

Amidst the chaos of this seemingly harsh world

They show my inner beauty to me;

this is much-needed in this big mighty world.

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