How to find whether a freelance job is reliable?

“Can you let me know of any genuine freelancing job?” This is a question that is frequently asked by housewives who want to spend their free time productively or college students who wish to have some pocket money. However, the answer is not as simple as it seems. With the rise of online frauds, people think a lot while choosing the right freelance company. So I thought why not create a blog that would help my friends find a genuine freelance company:

The offer sounds too good to be true

Yes, this is one aspect you should be wary of. The company may talk about high pay and various perks. And most importantly, even though if you don’t have the required skill, they will say that you are qualified. The key is you should not fall prey to companies that offer huge money for small work.

The company asks for samples of your work

This is one of the aspects that make us fall into a predicament. While we may wish to send samples of our work, we must also think twice regarding it. Instead, if we have a portfolio, we can share it with them. There are several freelancers who ask two to three samples of your work.

Communication is not good

The communication from the company should be professional. Your instinct will tell that there is some flaw in their way of communication. Don’t be impressed only by their initial talks; with the passage of time, see how they communicate.

The company asks for test work unnecessarily

There is no wrong in asking for test work especially when you don’t possess sufficient experience in that domain. However, asking you to write more than two tests is something that you should be careful. You would have done lot of hard work for completing the test appreciably only for the client to use it without making your payment. You can avoid this by finding whether the tests are complex and time consuming. If you have the experience, you will easily judge it and if you don’t have the experience, it’s not worth it. It’s as simple as it is.

There is no written agreement

It always helps to have a written agreement for a freelancing job, even though the work is not so heavy and is for only a short span. This document should provide an overview of the work deliverables, the time of completion, and the payment details. This will give you confidence that you are in safe hands. And the alert is: don’t begin work before getting the confirmed agreement.

Locate the recruitment contact through sources like LinkedIn

Now it’s common to see freelance job offers while we scroll through Facebook messages. But we would be sceptical whether to apply. They would not have given their contact number. If possible, locate the contact through LinkedIn. You may even send them a short direct email.

As of now, Freelancer and Upwork are considered reliable for freelancing. You may also get good offers from trusted friends circle. Nettv4u is one company which is good for interns. You can reach them through

If you still haven’t found your best freelance job, go through my previous post. It would help you come out of your confusion.

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