Ode to the Jittery Woman

The roti was hard; she didn’t mix it well,

But still she tried to correct it.

This may be her nth attempt in preparing the same,

But still her energy and enthusiasm didn’t fade.


She tried to pin her dupattah rightly

But still it didn’t come the way she wants

That didn’t stop her from focusing on the same,

She repeatedly tried to get the task done right.


She cut the milk packet and poured the milk in a vessel,

Alas! Lot of milk sprinkled on the floor

But she gathered herself sooner and cleaned the area

And now it is tidy as it was before.


She completed her household chores and rushed for office.

But suddenly lost grip and fell on the floor

Her hands were bruised but immediately she got up

And took an auto to reach her destination.


She tried to insert the thread in the needle’s hole

To stitch the cloth that was pending for a long time

Though it took time for her to do the task

She patiently completed it with double the effort.


Her back pain along with morning blues was terrible

But still she managed to prepare the morning cup of coffee

She didn’t even ask her mom’s help

Beneath that jittery behavior there is an independent woman.


She may struggle, stumble, falter, or fall down,

Her work may be messy and imperfect

But still she tried her best to lift her spirits

And as much as possible finish the task without anyone’s help.


To all those jittery woman who fall and rise

There is nothing called failure as long as you don’t give up

And as long as you are consistent and sincere,

Your efforts will fructify little by little, day by day.

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  1. Priya

    An ode to me!..(one of those jittery women). Thank you 😊

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