Depression at office: Handling it gracefully

Everyone has a story to tell with regard to their work experience. It’s an acceptance that we cannot behave in the same way at office as we do in our homes. It is no exaggeration to say that some people don’t take up full-time job due to the fear of socializing. We are told to control our emotions and behave in a pragmatic manner. Even in some interviews, when the recruiter has the slightest hint of the candidate facing depression, they are rejected stating other reasons.

Unfortunately we face tragedies in life. After all, life is not a bed of roses, experience will tell. The one who handles the trauma with grace is accepted in workplace and the society at large. But it is about the one who is soft-hearted and fragile and naïve is the concern. They are not able to establish a strong place for themselves in the workplace. They become so upset with their personal tragedies that they even go to the extent of quitting the job. And what more de-motivating word that person who is going through a low phase can hear from the boss other than “We don’t want depressed people at office”?

And now the question arises, should we say to the HR that we are facing depression during the interview itself? While this may be a tricky question to answer, the suggestion would be to only answer those things that the recruiter asks. Generally, a good recruiter will only see how we are handling the interview and how we will manage the job; they won’t question too much about our personal experience. As far as we don’t show that we are depressed, it’s all fine.

One of the greatest achievements of life is to tackle depression in the face and doing well professionally. Our depression may show out in some way or other (like serious nail biting, anxious speech etc.,) and people may even question us. But once we know how to do our work diligently without being dejected by it, it will all work in our favor. Just that we should know how to handle depression bravely. Since everyone has their own story, I will not give any tips for handling depression at office. But I can assure you that once you do it, nobody can beat you. And depression at office can be managed efficiently once we know that it all sums up to the point “and life goes on”.

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