The music, the voice, and the ability: On singing in talent competition

While watching shows like Super Singer, Saregama etc., I have great admiration for the contestants who sing in front of a big audience. Their voices are amazing, and they sing without missing on the sruthi. Most of them have control over their breath and can sing in high pitch easily. This shows their level of practice. Such shows make the ordinary person rise to the heights of popularity. That’s something heartening. Some of these participants have risen to the level of playback singers in cinema, thus entertaining audiences with their beautiful voice.

But what hit me hard is some of the words in the songs that these participants sing. Since they are from movies, they are filled with not-so-good lyrics. But that is not an issue at all for a person who gets immersed in the tune and beats of the song. That shows these people’s immense interest towards singing. Most of the films in Tamil cinema (that’s what I have been keeping track of mostly) are romantic ones and filled with love scenes. Singers who want to present their talents to the outside world are left with no choice other than to choose the songs from these films.

Most of these songs are so popular that people cannot give up on them. They are being listened to several times. For a proficient singer, this will not be an issue since the judge rate them based on their quality of voice. Words are appreciated when they are good. And with regard to not-so-good words, the less said the better.

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