Are you afraid of coming out of your comfort zone?

We have heard many times people, especially those who want to see us succeed, say “Move out of your comfort zone”. But when you try to understand the comfort zone, you may think that this place doesn’t have much stress, anxiety, and gives us a comfortable feeling. Then why we should really come out of it?

And that’s the very purpose of this blog.

The comfort zone is a peculiar thing. We are so accustomed with it that we find it difficult to move from it. We are used to a specific pattern in our comfort zone. That’s all fine.  But what if one fine day you realize that you need to grow? We know that growth is indeed necessary but hesitate to take a step forward since the comfort zone has made us so comfortable.

What if we just come out of our comfort zone and try out new challenges? Learning new things will require you to come of your comfort zone. But remember..this is not an overnight process. Coming out of the comfort zone needs great grit and determination. Yes, a comfort zone is a lovely place to live in where you don’t realize you are stuck up.

In a comfort zone, you pamper your fears and at one stage start justifying the fears. But once you start moving out of your comfort zone you realize that it is not as scary at all. The “zone where you have reached” is a beautiful place, and you will give wings to your dreams.

Once you start looking for growth, you will want to leave your comfort zone and understand your full potential. Don’t you think we grow through challenges and new experiences? When we try out things for the first time we get a sense of satisfaction that we are indeed raising our potential.

Stepping out of the comfort zone is generally uncomfortable because of our apprehensions, our inclination to get approved for our actions, etc. But once we set our own standards and start following it without being intimidated by life’s twists and turns, we can indeed find that we have done a wise thing.

An example would best explain this. There are chances of us yielding “comfort zone” in our job where there is less stress and anxiety. We perform our routine work, and there are no challenges. What if we go as step ahead and have the inclination to learn new things and take up challenges? Don’t you think a number of factors including the fear of being disapproved make you rooted to your comfort zone?  Just think about it…


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