The art of saying “I don’t know”

How many of you have noticed this trait of the top student in school? They generally say “I don’t know”.

During a meeting with your boss how many of us would be inclined to say “I don’t know” instead of pretending that we know something ?

After all, we don’t have answers to all questions.

But let me tell you this. You can show that you  don’t know but are willing to learn.

This shows that you are in the path of finding out and will find the solution as soon as possible.

Saying I know when you actually don’t know will only hinder your progress. You can simply show what you actually know where you have clarity and you are learning. The takeaway is if you are concerned about how the situation proceeds and the truth, then saying I don’t know is the best answer. After all, we are all work in progress, with something to learn from life and people.

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