What is important as you grow old?

As we grow we start thinking about life more seriously. Our introspection also becomes magnified. We tend to focus on different assets in our life. While our family and friends give us enough emotional support, reading inspirational and self-growth books is a different scenario altogether wherein we learn different things. And prayers keep us grounded most of the times though we may not get the required results immediately. Now let’s the importance of all these important aspects of life separately:


The support of our family members during times of stress cannot be underestimated. When we feel bogged down, they are the ones who teach us the value of resilience. And when you have a caring mother who teaches you that nothing is impossible in this world and a doting father who can’t stand your failure, everything is just perfect. Added to this, the affection and warmth received from siblings with a shade of wittiness makes our life even more smooth. They all come in our life to teach that even amidst the looming uncertainty there is promise of eternity if only the mind accepts that life is too wonderful to be spent worrying.


Count your blessings and then count your friends. Friends are those who teach us that someone is there for you to alleviate your worries  When the aging fear disturbs us sometimes, they show that we all are on the same boat. They understand our craziest fears and make us feel relaxed. They are happy with our success, and our emotional intelligence is not a thing of big concern in front of them. They know our peculiarities well and help us in attaining success by our own merit. As we age, we can rest assured that they will give us the moral strength when we are not able to face failures with equanimity.


As you grow old, your focus on a specific thing becomes stronger. For example, if you are interested in reading books, you will take time to read them and get the full essence of them. You won’t just flip through pages; you will go through the entire book in one go. Your main aim will be to get the full meaning of the book. You will also start selecting books carefully. This will indeed be a fulfilling experience for you more so due to the reason that you have achieved reading a complete book.  The real patience of a person can be also tested by reading a 400-page book.


Prayers are what that make us understand that there is some relief for our problems. While you may not be able to justify certain actions of the Omnipresent, prayers confirm that you are willing to live life to the fullest and achieve your dreams. There is beauty in the prayers of an old woman who has seen several failures in life but still not giving up on prayer. For some, it is a religious habit to be followed daily.  It is a true gift to your patience, and as you grow old it intensifies.

Getting old is inevitable, but we can definitely add meaning to our lives by focusing on the valuable aspects of life. The key is in not getting disheartened by the uncertainties of life.




One Thought to “What is important as you grow old?”

  1. Ganesh Bharathi


    Family is our nest, our people, friends are the different kind of comfort zone and mental support, Books are to strengthen our inner self and extend our perspectives, and,

    prayers, these are beyond our life or birth when it comes to the purpose of prayers from a human perspective.

    Prayers becomes the best forms of motivation in life when we believe our favorite God as our best friend and well wisher.

    One becomes very lucky when he gets all these supports within his/her family

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