Should I be honest or kind?

Most of the times we fear that our honesty could hurt others. Or certain people are honest to the core, without thinking whether it will hurt others. Either way, the question is, what to choose “Be honest or kind?”

When we focus only on kindness towards others, it may not reveal the real scenario.

When we focus only on honesty in our expressions, the other person may get hurt.

Honesty can hurt but it is worth it in the long run

Those who are your real well-wisher  will speak the truth and explain to you your problems without hiding anything.  If you slowly try to imbibe their words of wisdom, you will definitely understand the value behind it. And it is worth mentioning that these people will be the first to appreciate your developments too. Value them in your life.

Appreciating the efforts – the role of diplomacy

Well, here I should highlight some situations where people are diplomatic and give importance to appreciating your efforts. They just say whatever you do is good. You may also think why they are so diplomatic (the way of dealing with people in a sensitive way). Then I realized that they give importance to appreciating our efforts and that I know myself better. Is there anything more heartening than we being aware of our strengths and weaknesses and people take only the main role to encourage us?

So what is the real message?

Combine empathy with honesty in such a way that it doesn’t hurt others. If someone has to understand the message, they will if you are truly authentic. Tell the truth. But the catch is it is better when infused with kindness. That’s where the real test in our communication lies.

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