Are holidays nearing? What comes first in your mind?

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”.

Holidays including those of festivals convey a special meaning. Whether it is Navatri, Deepavali, or Christmas, people celebrate them with great enthusiasm. We take pleasure in wearing new clothes, eating sweet and savories, and offering to God. That is given.

Holidays also trigger the travelling spirit in us. We would have already booked train tickets to go to our home place or even some other pleasant place for enjoying the holidays. When the time arrives, there is no loss of enthusiasm. We travel with fresh perspective to explore the world thereby gaining inner satisfaction from the experience. And needless to say, we lose ourselves in a different world with the company of our near and dear ones.

But there is another part of a long weekend; which is nothing but “taking rest”.

Now when holidays arrive and we ask our colleagues about their travel plans, all some of them reply is “No, it’s just rest time”. The routine office life, where we spend a big part of our day, asks us to take rest during holidays. Our body needs relaxation, and we don’t even feel like stepping outside the house, leave alone certain routine tasks. That’s fine. Give respect to your body and provide it the much-needed attention during holidays, weekends, or long weekends.

Considering the holiday spirit, travel bug, and the need for rest, go for travelling when you feel like and don’t restrict it only to long weekends and festivals. Your mind and body would demand travel at a specific point (it needn’t be during these holidays), and give respect to that. Plan your company leave or your household chores accordingly and then carry on. You would be glad that you made the right decision because you would discover great things with new eyes. Most of all, you gave respect to your inner call.


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