Is success equal to suffering? No gain without pain?

Since childhood, the thought that is instilled in our minds is “No gain, no pain”. We feel that we have to burn the midnight oil to gain top marks, extend the sports practice session to gain the coveted medal, etc. But have we ever thought doing the right thing at the right time is sufficient? And combined with it, consistency will go a long in fructifying our efforts.

Just a beautiful  workplace example to highlight this. Read it intently and you will realize its beauty.

Don’t worry if you haven’t achieved your target on occasional days.

Next day you can.

Remember that you don’t lag frequently

Tell your boss honestly.

The right boss will understand.

With your accumulated skills, you can achieve it at the right time.

As far as you keep doing your best, there is promise.


Whether in school or office, 8 hours of work is more than enough to keep yourself occupied. There is no need to extend after that and do more work. Just keep doing your best within the given time. There is no need to suffer too much in order to make progress. Be light on yourself. But the catch here is do  your best during the specific time and don’t postpone anything.

Haven’t you thought when you stress too much to succeed in life, you start neglecting self-care. Differentiate between what is a healthy discomfort and what is suffering. There will be a point when we need rest. Don’t ignore that call of your mind and body.


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