Adaptability and its role in our lives

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can manage change”- Charles Darwin

“What is the best value in this modern world?” This is the question I once asked my late father. He pondered over it for a while, and then with a thoughtful look in his face replied, “Adaptability”.  My admiration for his understanding of the world multiplied with this answer. He didn’t exist in this world during the Covid-19 pandemic but the piece of advice given by him is still etched in my heart, especially during the pandemic. Yes, don’t you think adaptability is the most needed trait in this world, a world that is ever-changing?

Change is inevitable but how well you cope with it matters at the end of the day. Rising like a phoenix from the ashes..this phrase would suit the past three years 2021, 2022, and 2023 rappled with pandemic and natural disasters.  We all had our fair share of challenges and it would help if we handled them gracefully. By being adaptable, we are demonstrating our ability to thrive in this fast-changing world. By being flexible while we encounter new situations and maintaining our composure, we can stand to thrive. We cannot expect the life to be a bed of roses every time. I too have learned it the hard way.

Unexpected changes would mostly happen, and we learn them from our well-wishers too. Even for the person who is highly optimistic, I am sorry that life is not so smooth. To elaborate on this, what really baffled me is that though I am well-prepared and have a plan for everything, somehow problems emerge. A special mention is that change is happening at a rapid pace nowadays. But what about adaptability that comes as a life-saver and that helps us to handle change gracefully? We may be prepared for some changes, whereas some other changes may come unexpectedly. By having an adaptable mindset, we will be able to manage the unexpected changes in an exemplary manner.

Now friends..I totally encourage you to be optimistic. The key is infusing adaptability in our lives so that while we count our blessings we are equally flexible to change. Hear it from an extremely optimistic person who once questioned the need for taking insurance policy thinking that there won’t be any need for it in the future. I won’t say: period. Your comments are welcome.

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