Be kind to yourself while setting new year resolutions

Yet another year is going to pass and we would be in a mindset to make resolutions. Something like stop eating junk food, focus more on exercise, stop complaining about life, save more money, being more brisk, being a attentive daughter, etc. etc. But sadly we fail on these resolutions and sometimes even give up on New Year resolutions eventually. Why is it that New Year resolutions are made only to be broken most of the times?

The concern is in most of us focus on our shortcomings while making New Year resolutions. This is not only associated with New Year resolutions but also our day-to-day mindset. We contemplate over what we haven’t achieved. We would have set certain career goals, wished to buy a new house, accumulate a fair amount in our savings, etc. This aggravates the self-pity mindset and we start complaining. With the passage of time, you would realize that self-compassion is a much needed virtue during these times. And what if we cultivate the attitude of counting our blessings?

Why don’t you embrace your flaws with kindness and understanding? This means that you accept your imperfections and have a strong empathy towards your shortcomings. This means that you don’t surrender meekly to your inner critic who is a hard taskmaster. Your inner critic will always find ways to criticize you. She will say, “You are lethargic”, “you need to stop eating excessively”, etc. And you will embrace self-pity even more when you compare yourself with others.

We are used to thinking that imperfection is not good. But what if we fail sometimes? Should we punish ourselves for that? Just keep reminding yourself that you are doing a great job.  For example, we may have a preconceived notion that taking rest is a sign of lethargy and excessive hard work shows your strength. Remember that taking rest is absolutely essential and you have to honor your body’s tiredness.

Start believing that you are doing your best and embrace who you are. Understand your own value thereby boosting your self-confidence. Being kind with ourselves is really necessary. While setting New Year resolutions, let’s not push ourselves to limits which we cannot achieve. Let us be realistic in our goals, at the same time being aware of what we are really capable of achieving. During this process, we will realize that our good intentions for the New Year combined with self-compassion will help us achieve the resolutions which we once thought are a mirage.

I understand that we should have this attitude every day. We assign certain dates like New Year to follow this. But isn’t this better than not thinking about resolutions at all? Congrats if you embrace this attitude daily. Or if you are a person who considers the New Year period as a perfect time for growth mindset, please proceed with it. But the key is being kind to yourself during the process.

2 Thoughts to “Be kind to yourself while setting new year resolutions”

  1. Rachit

    Be kind to yourself and take small steps at a time. By achieving small goals it will give you high confidence.

    People set high unachievable goals and when they don’t achieve it they lose their confidence

  2. Hema

    A balanced thinking on how to achieve New year resolutions .well written.

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