Beyond the Smile: The Quiet Difficulties behind Celebrating Festivals

Festivals illuminate our lives with joy, highlighting the importance of traditions and bringing cherished moments. They foster a sense of unity and connection that transcends boundaries. Life is a beautiful gift, and festivals reinforce the beauty of celebrating the art of living. However, festivals can be challenging for us sometimes.

When a person is grieving, festivals can aggravate the sense of loss. It will make the grieving person sadly reminisce the cherished traditions and shared moments.  Going through celebrations may bring bittersweet emotions, highlighting the absence of loved ones in the midst of merriment.

Loneliness can also be challenging during festivals. Not everyone has a family, friends or partners with whom they can celebrate happily. In solitude, the festival cheer may not go well.

Sometimes, we may be financially overwhelmed that we may not be able to purchase new dresses for our children, the weight of financial burdens can cease our festive joy, restricting the ability to participate in customary celebrations and share in the season’s abundance. For some, the struggle to meet basic needs during festivals underscores the poignant disparity between the desire to celebrate and the financial constraints they face.

During a specific Deepavali, are you keeping unwell and not able to take oil bath? It’s okay. Take it the next day. Not able to buy dresses for your children during Pongal or Christmas due to financial constraints or a feeling of void? That’s also completely okay. Remember that it’s okay if you are not able to celebrate festivals in a conventional way. You may be depressed, anxious, alone, or grieving for the loss of someone.

Festivals are more than mere traditions; they are opportunities to connect, understand, and uplift one another in a world that is highly busy. Embrace the flexibility to celebrate in your own way, without giving up on your tradition. And amidst the chaos of the world, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Remember to nurture your own well-being amidst the festivities for in doing so you will realize that life welcomes those who are flexible enough in embracing the changes in life.

Just remember that these festivals are importantly a means of connecting with each other whether it is extending a hand of kindness, lend an empathetic ear, and be happy in the shared warmth of understanding. Just ensure to be attached to your tradition without giving up on self-care.

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