As you progress in life….

Your life gets a different perspective as you get older. You give priority to self-care and opt to challenge the uncertainty of life. You spend time in cleaning house at least every three days. You become more resilient and aspects like traffic don’t bother you. You enjoy loneliness also because you know that you are your best friend. You take the long route home sometimes and start caring more for your near and dear ones’ smile. You take time to relax even with your friends and just be yourself. You start hearing the gentle sound of the winds and are in harmony with nature.

You realize that people rejecting you doesn’t bother you anymore. All it matters to you is good friendship and you start cherishing them. You aren’t any more worried about uncertainty of life.

You reminisce about your feelings when you purchased beautiful clothes and don’t mind wearing old clothes often. You realize the value of saving money. You are not hesitant in learning the things that you wanted to learn as a child. You realize that soul satisfaction is essential for your mental health. You start taking care of your body and mind. You learn how to say no without feeling guilty. You are not as naïve as before and forgive yourself for the mistakes you did in the past; you know that you didn’t have the wisdom to take the right decisions and that is perfectly fine. You start worrying less and focus on what to do next.

You enjoy the company of kind people, and you choose your mental peace over chaos. As you wake up in the morning, you realize that you have more to do in life. You start accepting people for who they are and don’t mind when negative words are spoken to you. You understand that peace begins from within.

You don’t get sad when you delete old photos from your mobile because you realize that they are etched in your heart. You smile gently at the past. You are okay with being yourself and don’t wait for validation from others. You start seeing yourself as important too but that doesn’t affect your compassionate behavior towards others. And all these don’t look like a transformation at all; it just evolves from within your nature.


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  1. Hema

    Excellent! The wisdom that comes from age and experience is very well expressed. The article infact tells what is Real maturity as you progress in Life. Well written. One of the best articles that this author has written.

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