How I turned darkness into paradise

Sometimes I will be in darkness. How did I handle it? What darkness has taught me? Were tears my first way of letting out my feelings? Did I I succumb to my apprehensions about the future?

Yes, darkness nearly gained control of me in the past. However, I was relieved that I had the gift of tears.  And now my earnest tears have given way to a restrained approach; no longer do tears well in my eyes. It just stand as a jewel in a corner of my eyes, revealing the healed person in me.

When you get tears in your eyes, don’t feel bad and think that you are weak. Just let it be and observe your gradual transformation where you become composed. Depression may disturb you,  and anxiety may overwhelm you. Just begin with a good thought. Don’t let the ironies of the world overcome your inner serenity.

And did I yield to my apprehensions? Now my love for life is so great that it convinces my insecurities gently. A whisper says, “Experience the power of now. The future will take care”.

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