Give Your Old Dupatta a New Purpose

In your cleaning spree, its time today for dupatta. You observe that there are too many of these beautiful cloths that are not used. Are you planning to give it to someone? Or are you considering repurposing it? The aesthetic-minded person in you would second me for suggesting not to discard it. And here’s a well-thought list of repurposing these cloths that have adorned us for a long time.

Cushion cover

Cushions indeed get a new lease of life when they you cover them. And these dupattas can do the work. The tailor in you can work on it, or you may even get it done by a professional.

Coin pouch

How you wished certain days if you could get  an elegant coin pouch! And this is the time when you can do it to your heart’s satisfaction. And with so many dupattas to choose from, it indeed nurtures the artist in you.


And the previous point holds good for bed covers too. You may choose a dupatta according to your preference and create eye-catching bedcovers.

Table cloth

Your table too needs to be decorated, right? Simply engage the aesthetic person in you while carefully turning your dupatta into a welcoming table cloth.


Those cloths that can make a true difference in your home are well-made curtains, and these dupattas can do the work. And you will give credit to yourself once you see the dupatta-turned curtains.


Isn’t this a great idea more so because you want your elderly mother to wear beautiful jackets?  Just waste no time in doing this and giving her a pleasant surprise. ,


On those sunny days when you go to the terrace to take your cloths, just use one of your dupattas as a head cover.

Bedroom Beautifier

Let these dupattas hang from your bedroom ceiling so you may experience the warmth they give during times of rest.


Baskets are always much in need, and changing these dupattas into a delicate basket will provide you with a useful storage place for a lifetime.

Now that you have repurposed your dupatta while engaging the creative person in you, be happy with the result. Most of the ideas given above are DIY ones; for those that you need help, seek from a genuine one.  Those dupattas that beautified you once are given a new meaning now, and that is a thing of joy for you. Isn’t it?

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