The uplifted mind is all about reflecting gently on the beautiful wisdom of life, which is not applied by us consistently due to several reasons. Life is a great gift to us, but amidst the chaos, we tend to miss out on its glorious beauty. We need inner serenity to lead our lives worry-free. The main purpose of this blog is to remind you of the unnoticed beauty and wisdom of life.
I am Lalitha Mallikeswaran, the founder of this blog. Providing self-development tips that can bring about positive results is the purpose of this blog. I write on different aspects of life, how to manage life, the unnoticed beauty of life, and a lot more. I am willing to see the beauty of life, and that in itself is an inspiration for me to write. The best artworks on this website are the works of Ms. Harini.
I was a voracious reader, and later I am happy to say that my gift of writing comes spontaneously. Besides writing, my hobbies are reading and cooking.
I dedicate this website to my late father Mr. Mallikeswaran. I also thank all those well-wishers who made this possible.

I welcome your presence on my website. Thank you!