Ekambaram lived in a small town on the outskirts of Chennai. He is a 7-year-old boy who has great enthusiasm for life. The 80s kids would know about fruit ice (named with care as Fruit ice) that would be sold outside the school. It is just ice that is filled with sugar and some juice essence. But the joy the children get in eating the fruit ice is boundless.

The person who sold the Fruit ice seemed to understand the enthusiasm of the children. He would reach the vicinity of the school sharply at 3.30 p.m. i.e. the time when the school closes. While the students between 4 and 14 years of age would happily run towards his “ ice vandi” to get a taste of their favorite eatable, the seniors would sheepishly buy the Fruit ice. The guy, named Sakthivel, would ensure that he gives the correct change to the children.

Once Ekambaram’s father Chidambaram came to pick up his son from school since the auto driver was on leave. He waited for his son till 3 30. As the school bell rang, the children joyfully ran out of the premises to eat their favorite Fruit ice. Chidambaram observed what Ekambaram did; he saw his son buying the Fruit ice with great enthusiasm and eating it. This was not considered acceptable by the stern father.

A person who believes in hygiene and good health to a great extent, Chidambaram got upset on seeing his son buying from a roadside vendor. While returning home by car, Childambaram told his son, “Why are you buying that product from a roadside vendor? Can’t you ask me? If you like I will get you branded ones. You don’t know with what ingredients these people prepare these. “

Now Ekambaram was in a dilemma. He had seen Sakthivel’s punctuality and discipline. Sakthivel cared for children and understood their psychology. Ekambaram also liked the taste of Fruit ice very much. Just because Sakthivel is a roadside vendor, should his business be affected?

Ekambaram expressed his thoughts to his father. Chidambaram listened intently to his son and silently nodded a sign of approval. While he was thinking of scolding Sakthivel for taking advantage of the naivety of school children, his son made him to think from a different perspective.

The next day the students ran towards Sakthivel with the usual enthusiasm. But to their disappointment they could not find his “vandi”. Then suddenly Ekambaram heard a whistle; when he looked at that direction, there was Sakthivel sitting in a new shop with “high-quality fruit ice”. Little did Ekambaram and the other students know that it was Childambaram who arranged for the shop for Sakthivel. By this way, Chidambaram didn’t disappoint his child, at the same time, implemented his point.

Moral of the story: At the end of the day, it is the values that you carry forward that will have a deep impact on others.