Be kind with yourself

When the going is tough and when the world is hard

Be kind with yourself.

When there is illusion that you are not doing your best

Be kind with yourself


When you have not completed your office tasks with perfection,

Be kind with yourself

When  your child has not got the coveted admission

Be kind with yourself


Buy yourself your favorite thing and pamper yourself;

Surround yourself with positive people

Have talks that nourish the inner child in you

If needed, take a break from the hustle and bustle of the world


Celebrate your progress and don’t ever settle for less than you deserve

Even though it may take time it is worth the wait

Stop being worried about the notion of perfection

After all, patience is the mother of perfection


Remember that those who lost today will win the other day.

It is only a matter of patiently persevering

The void that you feel in today’s life

Will be the foundation for your development in your later life


Being kind to yourself is more needed

In this world that popularized the survival of the fittest

Remember that you are the survivor and you are the fittest

After all, it takes both sunshine and rain for a flower to grow




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  1. Hema Venkatesh


    1. Lalitha

      Thanks! Being kind with oneself is much needed nowadays.

  2. Priy


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