9 examples of “life isn’t fair” and how to deal with the unfairness of life

Life isn’t fair always. Generally, they say smile at life and life will small back at you. But we also encounter situations wherein life doesn’t understand our efforts. It is easier said do your best and life will reward you. It is easier said patience is a virtue and follow it. I can give tips to you to lead a fulfilling life, but it is you who has to bear the brunt of life’s strange play. For you to be prepared for any situation in life, I will give you some tips which can alleviate your anguish towards life. When you think “Oh God! Why me!”, just remember the points in this blog that will help you to lead your life smoothly. Before that, I will tell some instances wherein you may feel life isn’t really fair. These can include the seemingly small ones to the major ones.

  1. You may have cooked a dish with great care but it doesn’t turn out well. You only get negative feedback from others.
  2. You try hard to concentrate on your job but something makes you feel tired
  3. In your role of a student, you take lot of efforts to grasp the concept, but somehow its understanding remains elusive to you.
  4. Your near/dear ones pass away unexpectedly and you are unable to bear the loss
  5. You always believe in marriage, but ironically your marriage becomes a failure.
  6. When you pray sincerely to God but still you don’t seem to get the answer, you tend to question what is real prayer.
  7. You are always helpful towards others, but still at the end of the day you end up being lonely and depressed
  8. You discover that you are diagnosed with a dreaded medical condition in spite of you taking all health precautions
  9. Being a person who always wishes to please everyone, you realize that it is not the same the other side.

Now lets see how we can combat those situations when we feel life isn’t really fair.

Learn to see the big picture of life

This is one of the important points that I would like to stress. By seeing the big picture, you will also understand the reason for why life isn’t fair. Yes, comprehending the reason, for one, is really not a sweet experience but once you follow it with time, you will understand its importance. You have  to look into all the angles and then only take a decision. You have to know all the “whys” and get answer to it. But sometimes in this chaotic and difficult life, we find it best to stop asking why and just flow with life. When we start finding answers to everything that happens in our life, we would have time only for that. It is sometimes best to trust the journey.

Feeling you have not done your best in the day?

Today you may have a dull day. But will it be the same always? Keep doing your best and align your goals accordingly. Be kind with yourself during such periods. The best thing that you can do is to stop multitasking and only concentrate on a single task.

Read a lot

When you read a lot you will learn and unlearn a lot. That will go a long way in understanding how the world is progressing.

See from other’s point of view too

Each one of us is different. We have different opinions on different matters. If we want to lead a meaningful life, we should also try to understand why certain people are  behaving in a particular way.

Don’t hesitate to get help from others sometimes

There is an age-old saying “self-help is the best help” but that should not stop you from seeking help from others. You may think twice before asking for help thinking why to bother someone. But if you really find that someone wishes only the best for you, you can try seeking their help for certain things that you cannot do. And the good part of helping others is that it makes the person who is helping feel good and the receiver will also gain.

Express yourself genuinely

You can do this by just writing down our thoughts in a piece of paper. If you are interested in writing, you can even write a poem or a short piece. If you are an artist, you can draw a beautiful painting and immerse in this joy.

I repeat…life is not fair always..but you have to move on with tenacity and gracefulness.

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