Aryan Khan’s case – an unbiased view

Celebrities getting caught in sensational issues is not new, and Aryan Khan being questioned in the drugs case is the recent addition. Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s son was arrested on October 3, 2021 with regard to link with the Mumbai cruise drugs case. He remains in prison till now after a special court in Mumbai rejected his bail plea on October 20. He was accused of consumption of drugs and conspiracy and few other charges. Now Aryan’s lawyers are keen on approaching the Bombay High Court to get relief for Aryan from jail.

It all began when Aryan started off from his home on October 2 to participate in a party on Cordelia Cruises’ Empress ship. It was a musical voyage initiated by a Delhi-based events company. A team of the Narcotic Control Bureau’s unit were also part of the ship but they were disguised as passengers. They began search and found several illegal drugs including cocaine etc. in the ship. Eventually, they detained 8 people, and Aryan was one among them.

With regard to the view of a common man, what does he/she tend to think? If at all Aryan had consumed drugs, why do people like him, who have sufficient comfort at the disposal of their home, seek drugs? Though no drugs were recovered from Aryan Khan and there was no criminal linking, why did the special court reject his plea? Even Aryan Khan said in his bail plea that there is no evidence for this case and NCB was misinterpreting his WhatsApp chats.

Instead of just sarcastically saying that celebrities should bear the brunt of their actions, let us put it this way: everyone has to take accountability of his/her action. Just because he is Bollywood superstar’s son should make not the court be either too strict in his case or too lenient. But I feel the court is being very strict with his case owing to international link. The officials may think that everyone should be given equal justice, and celebrities are no exception to this. But the key is in maintaining a balance and providing the right relief to the persons accused. Again, the law should also not so cruel to any person who was not having deep connection with the case.

You may celebrate or disapprove the court’s verdict, but one thing is clear. The celebrities’ cases coming to limelight is an alert bell for those who are indulging in wrong practices. It may not be just drugs case, but also any other issues. Just that they are paying the price for their fame. It is not a question of money or power doing anything in the world; it is a question of proper justice and a lesson or two learned by the accused.

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