How to deal with a stubborn child?

There would be several situations in our life wherein we have to deal with stubborn children.  They will be so obstinate of certain things that we will find it difficult to convince them against it. As a caring parent, though you are most of the times patient with your child, you would get vexed sometimes and feel like beating them. Under such situations, it is always better to maintain your cool because you have to make your child come out of the stubbornness. You should also remember that they cannot all the time have things on their favor and should be disciplined. Now lets see some tips to effectively deal with a stubborn child:

Control your desire to buy whatever they ask even though they pester you

Though children are God-sent angels, they sometimes test our patience. They want to get all the luxuries in the world and want it to be done immediately.  They would be so stubborn in their decision that they won’t give up. For example, though they know that eating icecreams and junk foods often is not good for health, they will constantly nag you into buying it for them. However, patiently handle them and divert their thought from buying such things frequently.

But still empathize with them

Since your child is stubborn in certain things, for example, stubborn enough in not concentrating on a particular subject that they don’t like, don’t show anger towards them. Instead, get into their shoes and analyze what’s making them stubborn. It may even be such that they are imitating you. So you can always do self-assessment.

Don’t bluntly say no to them, and don’t force them

While your child is obstinate, it does not go well if you are also firm in your decision in not to give them those things they want. Don’t force them to accept your statements; instead help them understand the big picture of it. In that sense, they will realize that you are the best well-wisher of them and don’t mean to force your opinions on them.

Give them choices

Try to give options to your child. For example, if your child is obstinate in getting junk food all the time, tell them that you will get a healthy alternative. Your child will be stubborn for few days; but with your patient refusal, they will also understand the sincerity of your endeavors.

Make them understand the importance of good behavior

While a dogged determination is good in some instances, that is, it involves following your journey filled with great ambitions with firmness, it will not be good in other situations. The stubbornness of your child may also lead him/her to underestimate the value of empathy towards his/her siblings. For example if your child has quarrelled with his/her sibling, then he/she will be determined not to speak to the latter. This is not good. He/she will not empathize with his/her sibling. So try to remove this negative side of stubbornness in the initial stages itself. Make them understand the importance of listening to your good reasons, without being firm on their opinions.

Just as you love your child from all your heart, do remember that both your empathy and drive to make them disciplined will go a long way in molding their behaviors. Happy parenting!

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