Should I do hard work or smart work?

In the eventful journey of life, we sometimes wonder whether our hard work really pays off. We would be disappointed that though we have tried our best, nothing fructifies. Hence, we may try to fix our attention to smart work. Are you having a misconception that smart work is something that can be achieved without experience and hard work? For example, if you are a fresher, then there are chances that you are attracted by the word “smart work”. You would wish to succeed in your job by following easy techniques and would like to know the secret behind those who are in top positions and have succeeded. A thought as “ Oh! They have achieved this position only by doing smart work (i.e. easy work)” may enter your mind. In such instances, one should understand the interrelation between hard work and smart work. Here I tell it in a brief manner:

Suppose Lalith works in a software company. He is not highly intelligent but is hardworking and earnest. He takes lot of efforts and completes his job without procrastination. He has a great passion for his job and does it with great efficiency. Gradually, he started to love his job so much that his efficiency increased with less effort. So can you see the relation between hard work and smart work here? Smart work is the result of hard work. It is not taught by any one; no personality development class teaches you that. With experience, you start doing smart work. You need comprehensive knowledge of the subject for smart work. How can you attain that? This is done only through commitment to hard work in the initial stages which eventually takes the name of smart work.

Once your hard work turns into smart work, you will effortlessly start doing things. You will develop a passion for it and be the creator of your success. You won’t expect magic to happen in life but will make things happen. You will learn from the mistakes that you did through hard work, for example, putting in long hours of work in work and spoiling your health.  In smart work, you will maintain a priority list and carry it out accordingly. You will plan your work and then work it out diligently.

According to me, smart work is the result of hard is a nurtured trait and you have to foster it diligently so that the fruits of it are sweet. Just like there is no gain without pain, there is no smart work without hard work initially.

All the best!

One Thought to “Should I do hard work or smart work?”

  1. Ankita Thapliyal

    Congratulations for such an exemplary concept and sharing it with us……so many years of my life got wasted in understanding what is smart work, but this blog has clarified this doubt in minutes…..the main hero in transition from hard work to smart work is mistakes that we make while performing any job…..also we must always remember that mistakes are for learning not for repeating…. and yes when we commit mistakes and gain valuable lessons from them, automatically the hard-looking task becomes easier and the the job and life become Cakewalk….so always remember there is no shortcut to success and no substitute for hard work.

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