How my perception towards moms addicted to TV serials changed

I used to see my mother watching TV serials daily with bated breath to know what will happen next. I used to wonder why certain people are addicted to serials. What satisfaction does it give to them that they become upset even when they have missed one show? They call up their relatives or friends and get the essence of the serial, thus gaining some satisfaction. So the crux of this blog is: how do you come out of the addiction towards TV, serials in particular, that you have been watching all day long? Is it really not good to watch TV serials?

Women and TV serials addiction

Women form the majority of those who are addicted to TV serials. They feel a sense of pleasure in relating with the characters in the serials and sometimes even shed tears. And when the topic is related to mother-in-law-daughter-in-law quarrels (which form the pivotal point of most of the serials), the family members trying to dig a pitfall for the protagonist and some others, the plans by the villain to outsmart the hero, the even more brainy act by the hero to surpass the plans of the villain, the innocent or studious or energetic or graceful heroine, then the audience’s pleasure know no bounds.

Why are women addicted to TV serials?

Since this topic is related to women and their addiction to serials, let us some the causes for it. The addiction to TV serials by women for a long time can be attributed to several reasons. Some may not travel outside due to personal reasons, some may not have good friends to share her feelings, while some may not have any great plans ahead. Some may even be very lonely because other family members would have gone for work outside. So they find solace in watching TV serials where some of the characters seem to empathize with them and they can also relate with the characters. These women are cent percent aware that they are addicted with watching TV but they cannot give up on that because they are so much enthralled by the fictitious characters on screen. They get a unique solace in watching the serials.

A wise reply

Some may think that watching TV serials can poison the mindset of the audience. Some may even blame the TV serials for all the negative happenings in the world. And with regard to watching the serials, I received a really wise reply from my mother, “My dear! Yes, I accept that I am interested in serials a lot. But you should understand my psychology behind watching such serials. Do you know the story of a swan? It separates the milk from the water; it drinks only the milk. I do this only. I am a swan that separates the bad things from the good things. I have the profound judgment as to how to absorb the story of a serial. I learn from the bad lessons in the serials and inculcate the good things. Just because the mother-in-law in the serial fights with her daughter-in-law doesn’t mean that I should imitate that.  Some constant shows of negativity in the TV serials don’t make me practice them in my real life. We can always learn from the negativities in a serial. And that’s why I perceive they are for.”

And this reply indeed astounded me. What a studied reply! We cannot say that all those who want TV serials also practice the negativities in their real lives. If they do so, then it can be curbed. And now I have stopped asking my mother to not being addicted with TV serials. She’s got her head in the right place!

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  1. Ankita Thapliyal

    Things are not good or bad, it is only our perception towards and exploitation of them that makes it good or bad. And TV serials and movies are only meant for entertainment purposes, so just go with the flow.

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