How to handle the ageing fear?

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” ~Mark Twain

I still remember the day when I was attending a yoga session many years ago. The yoga master, during the orientation time, asked everyone, “Who wishes to live up to 100 years?” To my surprise, I was the only one who raised my hand. Others gave explanation that they don’t want to suffer at old age. But for me, I have a different perception. It is not the age that makes us suffer. It’s our mentality. I know that I want to live life to the fullest, irrespective of the point whether there is problem or not. For people like me who see everything in life as a miracle, it is really difficult to accept that life is not an eternal journey. But still, we have a profound feeling to conquer the ageing fear.

Taking life as it comes in your way

I have seen few people above 60 years who are highly practical and don’t even think about old-age problems. They just take like as it comes and do their work spontaneously. They are a role model to the adults on how to cope with the fear of aging. They just don’t plan their work, but still they ensure that life is better when we take one step at a time.

Consider problems as challenges

When you perceive problems that you face while ageing as something to worry, you will lose your vision.  But try viewing them as challenges and adventures to be embraced.

Observe your values constantly

When we fail to enhance our values only there is disappointment. For example, when I am always compassionate and sometimes don’t live by it, I get upset. This also increases my concern towards ageing. But when I am conscious of whatever I am doing, there is no need to become worried.

Trust your journey and wait for your time

We live in a world that is a great fan of speed. We want everything to be done fast. We want results soon. But is it really possible? There is a meticulous process for good things to happen, and one has to wait for his/her turn while trusting his/her journey. Getting upset over failure of not achieving will only aggravate the situation.

Patience is the key

Maintain perseverance even at the hardest times. I know it is difficult. I can empathize with the feeling of fear as we grow older. We want to accomplish great things in life. But when it becomes slow, we become disappointed and start doubting our ability.

As you age, you have a fear. What have I achieved in my life? Will I be able to achieve more? What If I don’t achieve anything in my life and hence don’t fulfill my purpose? Well friend, just see whether you are making progress and do your activities diligently. You may take small steps and wonder whether they are really worth it. But at the end of the day, it is these tiny drops of ocean that count the most.

Good things take time

Time and time again I have seen that good things take time. I have started dreaming in my childhood itself to make a difference in this world, and now only I am seeing slow progress. I do my work meticulously, take time to contemplate on where I went wrong without getting into a state of remorse, and know the value of making slow but steady development. The treasure that you are looking forward with great enthusiasm will definitely reach you if only you realize the truth of life that you should trust your journey. As long as there is improvement and your will power there is hope. You may take time to reach your goal,, but you have to believe in yourself. Don’t be upset with the wasted efforts; instead turn them into a stepping stone of accomplishment.

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  1. Hema

    “It is not the age that makes us suffer. It’s our mentality”. Well said.
    “Taking life as it comes”, is an excellent suggestion.

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