Progressing from being overwhelmed to happy: It can be easy!

In our busy lives, we feel so overwhelmed sometimes that being happy seems to be far-fetched. But the good news is that it needn’t be so. We may think that we have to sacrifice something to get something. And that’s what makes us feel overwhelmed sometimes. But just carrying on with our lives, without being too obsessed with the thought “no gain without pain” will bring good results to you. This is where doing your work with enjoyment comes to the picture. This is just one of the ways to progress from being overwhelmed to being happy. Let’s see some more points:

Don’t absorb too much information

We are living in a world that is loaded with events happening in a daily basis.  While some are good, some are bad. We may think that being updated with information is a thing of pride. However, it may sometimes be too much of information that will really overwhelm us. During such situations, read some interesting books like light-hearted short stories. I wouldn’t suggest you to read self-help books when you are feeling overwhelmed. It can be done during your lighter moments.

Immerse in your work

Get so immersed in your work that you don’t have time to think about silly things in life. Sometimes, you don’t even know that time is running, and you will wonder whether it is you who is really absorbed in the work. But you should remember that this is the real you, and this is the person who you have been wanting to be for a long time, just that the efforts are fructifying only now. You won’t be obsessed with perfection when you get fully engaged in your work; you just march towards excellence.

Set aside time for yourself

Humans are social people. Understood. Even when we want to spend time alone, people will ask us whether we are upset. However, it is your diplomacy that will make you spend time alone without being rude to them. You can do some good contemplation by writing down your thoughts, do a silent activity etc.

 The problems we assume can be dangerous than the real ones.

Do you agree with this statement? Yes, this is what makes us feel overwhelmed most of the times. When things get overburdened, all we have to do is to take one moment at a time. Sometimes, people used to ask me as to why I stared at the computer for a long time, showing no signs of working. But I know how well this technique worked wonders for me. This is simply a way of relaxation for me. I allowed my mind to be blank without being distracted.

Take-home message

Just take one step at a time and happiness will follow you! Don’t be swamped by the feeling that you have to succeed immediately. If success comes, well and good. But don’t be obsessed with it. Best wishes for a fulfilling life!



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